Brazilian Keratin Blow dry/Hair Botox

Brazilian keratin is an innovative process of hair treatment which is purely natural and without the content of formaldehydes, sulphates and parabens. It regenerates hair in depth and straightens or smooths it without changing its structure.

The application results in healthy, smooth, soft and shiny hair for a period of 3-4 months with an option of a 5-6 month result, this treatment contains responsibly sourced vegan Brazilian keratin, suitable for all types and textures of hair.


Benefits of the Brazilian Keratin Treatment:


 Rescues dry and damaged hair


 Produces amazing natural gloss


 Removes frizzy hair


 Provides thermal protection


 Protecting colour-treated hair


 Preventing split ends


 Better brushing and styling


 Saving time when straightening hair


 Smoothing without changing hair structure


 Silky and smooth hair to the touch


Hair becomes stronger, its cuticles are closed during the process, it is protected from UV radiation, daily pollutants and chlorinated water. Brazilian keratin is suitable for soft, damaged, curly, prolonged, hard, unruly and coarse hair. Due to its properties it is also suitable for chemically treated or colour-treated hair.